DIY Projects That Will Transform Your Home

You do not need major remodeling skills or money to give your home a fresh new look. Plenty of easy DIY projects use affordable materials and a Saturday afternoon to make over dreary spaces. With some clever touches like a bright accent wall or upgraded lighting, you can craft a trendy oasis without moving or massive construction.

Custom Bookshelves

Bare walls and cluttered knickknacks make rooms feel dull. Bring in some style and storage with custom shelves you build yourself. Design them to perfectly fit that oddly sized nook or to display your favorite travel souvenirs. Stain inexpensive plywood for a rich look. Use sturdy wood screws from a company such as SPAX to attach trendy brass brackets underneath for an extra element. Add LED strip lights to show off your stuff dramatically. Once loaded up with books, plants, and art, blank spaces transform into focal points full of personality.

Statement Mirrors

Tired bathrooms need some glam and illumination. Framing out cool mirrored shapes amps up the ambiance. Use wood glue and clamps to securely join unfinished wood pieces into geometric frames. Trace circular saws along the edges to shape octagons, diamonds, or curved silhouettes. Stain or paint the wood, then securely attach mirror pieces inside with sturdy metal clips. Hangover vanities as the shining centerpiece. Add Hollywood bulbs or sconces alongside for a spa vibe.

Upcycled Furniture

Revive tired tables, cabinets, and chairs already in the home. Sand down surfaces and restain with a rich walnut or on-trend green hue. Replace old hardware with statement new knobs and handles from the home improvement store. Repurpose a door into a desktop; vanilla wood screws attach sturdy legs underneath to hold up your computer. Mix colors and distressed finishes for a custom blended look. Updated existing items can feel brand new.

Hanging Herb Gardens

Make the most of sunny small patios by growing herbs and greens vertically. Upcycle used pallets into a foundation for bolt-on pots. Mark holes for drainage before screwing wooden boxes onto the boards. Anchor the pallet to studs in sturdy walls, then start planting. Tomato vines look lush when threaded through openings. Position greens and basil pots higher for convenient seasoning when cooking out. It is a pretty paradise for plant lovers with limited space. 

Accent Wallpaper

Plain white drywall lacks depth and personality in bedrooms and offices. Liven up boring spaces with vibrant wallpaper as the star. Choose interesting prints that complement room colors in moderation. Prepare surfaces so paper adheres smoothly, then precisely measure and cut sections to fit. Use liquid glue for removable papers to avoid wall damage for future owners. Frame with classic white molding to define the focal feature. Build visual texture without major construction in dull rooms.

Lighting Upgrades

Few quick changes make as drastic an impact as enhanced lighting. Swap out basic overhead fixtures for clever options reflecting your tastes. Try black iron conduit fittings suspended by metal cables over islands and bars. Position articulating arm lamps near prime seating for reading nooks. Adhere slim LED tape inside cabinets to brilliantly display pretty dishware and glassware collections. Switch basic wall switches to smart dimmers and app controls for the ultimate ambiance at your fingertips. The right lighting visually expands small rooms.


With some creativity and elbow grease, small DIY upgrades whip dreary rooms into fresh showplaces reflecting your style. Before major remodeling, see how paint, mirrors, and smart storage makeovers can maximize what you already have. Add customized seating, greenery, and artwork over time. With budget-friendly revamps anyone can tackle, there is no reason to settle for boring spaces that don’t feel like you.

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