Privacy Tips for Residential Property

Your home should give you a refuge from nosy and noisy neighbors and the buzz of the world. Your neighbors, friends, or passersby should not be able to know what is going on in your home or daily life. 

You, therefore, need to make simple privacy updates. Whether it is protecting your backyard from intruders or your living room from prying eyes, here are some valuable tips.

1. Update your windows

We all love the idea of large windows that also double as walls. They come in handy in bringing in natural light and allowing you the perfect view of your landscape. However, while they are beautiful solutions during the day, they may leave you feeling vulnerable at night.

Residential home window tinting at this point would be highly recommended to give you the comfort of privacy while allowing you to enjoy the views and natural light during the day. Through window tinting, you can enhance the privacy of your home without making major and expensive structural adjustments.

2. Install a fence

A privacy fence will not only increase the security of your property by providing a border but will also keep prying eyes off your property. With a fence, you can enjoy your pool, gardening, or just relaxing in your yard in private.

There is a wide range of fence designs, from sophisticated and expensive to elegant fences and DIYs. Depending on your choice, you can achieve privacy and home beautification. Some of the common fence types include concrete block walls, vinyl fences, wood, and chain-link fences.

3. Add blinds

If your window treatments include drapes alone, then you may be limited when it comes to privacy. You have to trade darkness for privacy. With blinds, you can enjoy both. They allow natural light to get to all corners of your house while at the same time keeping indoor activities private.

4. Plant shrubs as trees

Planting shrubs and trees have tons of benefits for your landscape and privacy too. Some shrubs can double as a privacy fence, obscuring your property from outsiders. Having a shrub planted close to a window will also block people outside from seeing inside.

Find the right spots to plant the trees to obstruct views from outsiders and add beauty to your residence.

5. Build a pergola

Pergolas come in handy in bringing privacy to your deck or yard. They can be built with privacy screens to keep the neighbor’s eyes away from your backyard. They can also create privacy for your pool, depending on the positioning.

They come with a wide range of materials and coverage designs. For instance, retractable screens give you the option of enjoying shade or taking in all the sun. 


We all need some time to enjoy solitude in our backyard, but that cannot be possible if it is open for neighbors and passersby to see. That is why privacy solutions like pergolas, gazebos, and privacy fences should be installed in homes. 

On top of using blinds and curtains, you can also update your windows by adding tints to obscure the view.

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