Roofing Repair vs. Roofing Replacement: Which Is Better?

As a barrier keeping you and your family protected from the snow, wind, sun, rain, and other extreme temperatures, the roof is an important part of a home. Without it, the interior of your home can deteriorate within a short time.

In addition, if your roof is not in pristine condition, you will be forced to deal with mildew, mold, pest infestations, leaks, and high cooling/heating bills.

Fortunately, most roofing materials can last for decades, and with roofing contractors offering eavestrough Kitchener repair or replacement services, you can rest assured that your roof will even last longer.

Roof Replacement

While you might get your roof replacement anytime, issues with roof decks make the project more important. In order to expose roof decks, a roofing contractor may need to strip every old shingle from your roofer. 

Afterward, the expert can install a new felt or underlayment to protect the roof decks from different harmful elements.


  • Long-lasting
  • Safer and sturdier roofing
  • Saves cash


  • In general, it is expensive compared to repairs

Roof Repair

It is recommendable only when the roof damages are located in a small portion of the roofs. Fixing leaks as well as replacing cracked or missing shingles are counted as such.

But roof repair should be planned and handled with care. For instance, when dealing with a missing shingle, the replacement part must be of the same color as your roof.


  • Costs less than roof replacement
  • It saves time compared to replacing the roof


  • It can be expensive down the road

Factors That Can Influence Your Decision

Before you choose between roof repairs and replacement, there are several things you might want to look at. Some of these factors include:

1. The Extent of the Damage

If you are choosing between a roof replacement and repair, it is likely that your roofs have suffered physical damage or have deteriorated in appearance.

Dealing with a reliable roofing company specialized in eavestrough Kitchener services will help you make the right choice after determining the extent of damages you might be dealing with.

Signs of roof damage may vary slightly between different kinds of roofing materials. Though in general, it falls into two major categories, including:

  • Structural damage
  • Aesthetic damage

2. Shingle Condition

The current condition of the shingles can determine whether you need to replace or repair the roofing. If your shingles are in relatively pristine condition, a repair can be suitable for this case. But if the condition is worse, a replacement will be a better option.

3. Leaks

If there are leaks, an inspection can help determine how serious they are. Usually, roofs leak along with the flashing point. So if this is the current situation, a quick fix can be necessary. Though if there are many leaks in the roof, replacing it will be the best course of action.

Final Words!

In order to determine whether the roof requires a total replacement or repair work, it would be important to call upon a professional roofing contractor to examine it. 

If the condition is beyond repair, the expert will recommend replacing the roof. But if it is just a minor issue, repairs will come in hand.

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