Add a Touch Of ‘Industrial Chic’ to Your Home With Beautiful Door Hardware

‘Industrial chic’ refers to the style of interior design which is increasing in popularity with designers and design enthusiasts everywhere. Industrial design is characterised by the use of exposed bricks and concrete walls, the use of bold metallic finishes such as black, steel and brass, and a general minimalist approach to interior design. Naturally, this is a style which can be easily incorporated into the door hardware within your home as door handles and other accessories form the perfect opportunity for use of the industrial aesthetic. Therefore, it is important to shop for a retailer which has credibility and expertise in the industrial style with Buster + Punch one such example of a designer that meets this criterion.

In addition to handles, door knobs and double-sided pulls can also be used on your doors and each represents a viable option in the industrial chic style. Lever handles, in the cross and linear knurl style, are beautiful bits of engineering to operate each day when fitted correctly and can highlight the design quality of metalwork with their naturally protruding design. Conversely, door knobs are a little more minimalist and can be a great choice, particularly if you’ve just replaced your actual doors and want to draw attention to them. Finally, double-sided pulls are often long and beautiful bits of metalwork that are absolutely quintessential of the industrial chic aesthetic.

To ensure these subtle pieces of well-designed door hardware stand out it is important that your doors should also be a neutral colour such as black, grey or white otherwise you risk losing the design value of the subtle touches which you’ve added. Generally speaking, the colour of the door will matter more in this instance than the actual design of the door itself, hello naturally there are exceptions to this rule so this is something to consider when choosing your door hardware.

Finally, it is important to take a holistic approach to the interior design within your home when trying to decorate the industrial style. Less is usually more in this instance and any opportunity where you can expose some brickwork or the inner workings of your house’s construction is usually one that should be taken and that will compliment your door hardware too.

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