Dead of Winter, Meet Cozy Staging: How the ‘Hygge’ Style Can Help Sell Your Home

Hygge is a Danish concept, arising primarily out of cold and dark winters where there was a need to cultivate comfort and ease even in times that were otherwise disheartening. What it means for staging is that your staging options now often come with ‘cozy’ options and ways to make someone feel like curling up with a good book in your home. Because we associated coziness with feeling ‘at home,’ it can be a compelling way to make your home sell fast. Here are some steps to make it happen!

Natural Light

Using any natural light you already have and emphasizing it whenever possible is a great way to make a space feel less artificial and indoorsy. While winter and hygge are often indoor phenomena, the feeling of getting some of the outdoors inside is a major component.

Neutral Toned Furniture and Upholstery

Neutrals for furniture and pillows is a great way to create the classic and cozy feel that is considered part of a modern cozy staging. Bold art and design have their place, but a room that conveys calm and centeredness tends to focus on the natural tones of wood, beige, and various shades of white and ivory.

Don’t Forget Blankets, Candles, and Other Cozy Features

If your home doesn’t have any blankets or candles, you aren’t quite capturing hygge yet – those things are essential! Find or borrow some thick, comfortable blankets and create a way to store and display them beautifully given the furnishings in your staging. Make sure to light a couple of lightly scented candles before showings to add a warm yellow to the light palette of your rooms. Any other features of coziness are great too.

Plush Rugs and Cloth Wall Hangings Aid The Comfy Feeling

Tactile sensations matter a lot for hygge staging, and softness is paramount. Don’t just get a soft rug, get the softest rug! Same with wall art – aim for something made of fiber or textile rather than wood or paper to really make the whole room feel like it is encased in the softness you’re looking for. 

Even Music, Smells, and Lightbulbs Can Contribute!

When staging a home to evoke a mood, use every sense. People play soothing music in the background, bake cookies or bread in the oven to generate a good smell, and switch out bright white bulbs for golden or yellow lightbulbs so that the whole space has a slightly more earthy glow. 
What’s nice about cozy staging is that you can add accent pieces to almost any staging or preexisting furniture to make it seem more cozy and more inviting. Use what you have and supplement with items like blankets, candles, music, and wall hangings to add the touches that will make your buyers feel like this is the right home for them. When you’re done, many of these items can be used in your own next home or gifted, a nice side perk! If your small changes make the home feel more inviting, you may even earn back your money in the form of selling the home quickly!

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