How To Maintain Your Wood Railings

When you have custom wood railings in your home, it means you have undertaken a significant project. Not only are you proud of the results, but now that the job is completed, you want to take care of your investment to continue looking beautiful for many years. That’s where regular maintenance plays an integral role.

What Is Wood Railings Maintenance?

It isn’t strenuous or complicated. It simply means that you should check the railings to ensure that they aren’t worn or weathered and that proper care is followed to help them maintain their rich dark finish. You are not only enhancing the appearance, but by getting rid of anything that could diminish its beauty, you are prolonging its life as well.

Using The Right Cleaning Products

There are numerous wood railings cleaning products on the market. Some of them can be used with water, while others require using alcohol or other solvents to remove stains and mildew.

What Do You Need?

All you need is a soft cloth and some gentle soap. Even the most luxurious wash will not only help keep them looking like new, but it won’t harm the finish or warp the wood. You can purchase high-quality deck cleaners at any department store, home improvement center, natural food store, sporting goods shop, and even supermarkets. It is inexpensive and available in fragrances that help mask the chemical smell.

Below are different ways to maintain your custom wood railings

1. Cleaning should be done once a month. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and add a little soap.

2. Rinse with clean water and dry it thoroughly. Avoid soaking your railings in water to prevent the wood from warping or cracking, which can happen quickly if you expose them to too much moisture for an extended time.

3. Inspect the railings for any areas of deteriorating wood or scratches that need touching up with paint. Take note of loose screws or nails so they can be tightened before someone gets hurt.

4. Periodically, you’ll want to inspect your railings more closely to make sure they are not showing signs of excessive wear and tear. If so, sand or plane them down to ensure they remain smooth and are not sharp.

5. Some individuals have found success by using olive oil instead of standard soap for cleaning their decking. It is a natural degreasing agent that can help remove stubborn grime while bringing out the richness of the wood. It is only viable if you choose to stay with the natural finish of your custom wood railings.

6. Finally, if you want to protect them for the season or help preserve their original luster, refinishing is an option that can be done by a professional. It will keep them looking new for months longer while adding color, texture, and protection.

It’s important to remember that your wood railings may need different types of care depending on the type of wood you choose. Be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for proper cleaning. Customizing is excellent, but you want to ensure they are always up to par with the quality finish you selected!

With these tips, maintaining your custom wood railings will be a breeze. There’s no reason for them to stop looking their best! All you need is to get the best craftsmanship from; they have been in business for many years to know the best work for you.

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