How To Refresh Your Furniture with New Sofa Legs

Do you have an old sofa that you just don’t want to throw away? This post will give you some inspiration and tips on how to make it look brand new, without costing a fortune. From adding some pizzazz with trendy new sofa legs, to taking a leap and reupholstering, there’s plenty you can do to give your sofa a new life.

It’s all about recycling in 2022, so get a head start and make the most out of your old furniture. Don’t throw it away! Although sofas might seem like a big task to renovate, there are lots of small things you can do that will make a huge difference. 

Conduct a Deep Clean

Sometimes all a sofa needs is a good old fashioned clean. And by clean, we mean a deep clean. A little scrub won’t do, especially if you’re looking to completely renovate it. 

If you have a microfiber sofa, it can start looking worn quite easily. Get yourself a spray bottle, some rubbing alcohol, a scrub brush, white sponge and poly-fil. 

Start by filling the bottle with rubbing alcohol and spraying all over your sofa and give it a good scrub with the sponge. Let it dry and then use the scrub brush all over your sofa and you should notice a lot of difference.

You might have to repeat this process more than once to really get a good result – but it’ll be worth it! And you’re saving yourself a lot of money instead of buying a new sofa.

Cushions and Pillows

Cushions that are flat will easily make a sofa look worn and tired. You can restuff your pillows to give them a new lease of life, instantly making your sofa look more alive. 

You can also add more pillows to give your sofa a new look. With trendy styles and modern patterns, introducing new pillows is a great way to quickly add a touch of glam to your old sofa.

Revamp With New Sofa Legs

A great outfit can be ruined by terrible shoes. As such, a sofa can have a whole new look with good sofa legs. Not only can you transform your sofa from traditional and boring to unique and modern, but sofa legs are also a great way to add something different and give a custom look to your living room. 

There are so many styles, varieties and sizes available, so no matter what look you’re aiming for you’ll be able to find something that suits what you’re going for. From long stilts to give your sofa some height, or edgy circles to give a stylish and modern look, sofa legs can provide that quick new look you need.

Add Tufting

If you’d like to give your sofa a more tailored look, adding tufting to your back cushions can do exactly that. Saggy back cushions give off a tired and clumsy look, so getting this sorted is the perfect way to make your sofa look brand new, without the hefty price tag.

Reupholster Your Sofa

If your sofa needs a whole renovation, you may want to think about getting it reupholstered. If you haven’t tried reupholstering before, doing a whole sofa could be a big stretch. For beginners, it might be best to get a professional to look at taking care of it – you wouldn’t want to ruin it beyond repair! 

For those who have tipped their toe in a bit of reupholstering before, if you’re up for it there are plenty of tutorials on how to reupholster sofas that you can try to follow! This DIY project can be lots of fun, cheaper than buying a new sofa and you’ll feel very proud of the result.

Give Your Sofa a New Look

From trendy sofa legs to reupholstering for a completely new look, there is plenty you can do to your sofa if it needs a new lease of life. If you don’t want to splash out the cash on a new couch, adding some personalised touches and giving it a good clean can really make all the difference. Hopefully these tips have inspired you to start your DIY sofa project – we’d love to see the results!

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