Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress

It is time to replace your over a decade-old mattress with a cozier one, and you can’t wait to do away with the lower back pain and fatigue finally. Of course, we all expect to get the best support and comfort from a brand new mattress, but it does not always come automatically.

Most of the time, people end up with the wrong mattress that exposes them to backpains and leaves them dissatisfied. Understanding the common mistakes people make when buying mattresses will help you make a better choice when you visit a mattress outlet in Toronto. 

1. Relying on manufacturers and retailers you don’t know

The best way to identify a good retailer is by seeking recommendations from your colleagues, friends, or family. Alternatively, you can visit the company’s website and see what other customers say about their products. Negative reviews mean you should look the other way as you are likely to experience the same.

Buy from reliable retailers like Queensway Mattress for a satisfactory product.

2. Not examining the mattress

Failure to examine a mattress before buying increases the chances of taking home a mattress that does not suit your needs. When you go to a mattress store in Toronto, use your hands to test the mattress’s comfort and quality and, if possible, lie on it for about 10 minutes.

Test the mattress with the posture you use at home to establish if it is the right pick for you.

3. Buying an expensive mattress and assuming it is good quality

A high price tag does not guarantee you a good mattress. Some buyers assume that a mattress is good for them if they part with a huge cheque and skip the testing part. While most expensive mattresses are of good quality, it is still essential to go to the store and test it. If you are buying online, ensure you do due diligence by reading testimonials and reviews before buying.

4. Buying mattresses that are too firm

The decision to buy firm mattresses is usually misled. If a mattress is firm, it does not automatically mean it will last longer or offer the best support. Also, firm mattresses do not get softer with time. They, therefore, might not be suitable for your neck and back since they don’t contour your body.

Make this mistake, and you will end up waking up exhausted most of the time.

5. Trading comfort for support

As you go for a mattress sale Toronto, keep in mind the importance of balancing comfort and support. Some mattresses will offer you both. A comfortable mattress will help you get better sleep, and a supportive one will ensure you don’t wake up with aches.


Don’t be impulsive when buying a new mattress. The common mistakes people make when purchasing mattresses include buying from an unreputable retailer and choosing too firm mattresses. Some don’t test the mattresses before taking them home.

These errors can cost you years of comfortable sleep and a healthy lower back.

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