When Is a Drainage CCTV Survey Required?

Knowing exactly what you’re getting is the only way to obtain a good deal when purchasing a home. You can see a lot with your own eyes, and if you’re smart, you’ll also have access to a surveyor or a home buyer’s report to assist you in finding even more information. But the drainage system is one area of the house that is harder to spot.

Most people don’t think much about drainage until there is an issue. However, if you’re buying a new house, there’s a chance you’ll inherit several hidden drainage problems. To make sure you’re getting the whole picture, you should consider doing a CCTV drainage survey.

But what are situations that require a drainage CCTV survey? Let’s find out!

4 Major Situations When Drainage CCTV Survey Required?

1. When Buying a New Home

    The property’s drainage system should not be disregarded, even if it’s simple to get carried away with all the excitement and the many factors to take into account when purchasing a home.

    It’s always a good idea to have the sewers examined before you sign any contracts. Thanks to a drainage CCTV survey, you can make an informed decision about a property by thoroughly understanding the drainage system and being notified of any concerns or repairs that may need to be made.

    Similarly, a build-over survey will provide you with the assurance that your building won’t interfere with the drainage system before, during, and after work begins if you’re expanding your property or having construction done.

    2. When Leasing a Home

      Similarly, if you are leasing out a house, it is your duty as the landlord to guarantee that your sewage system is operational. A drainage sewer CCTV survey can identify and stop the emergence of unpleasant drainage problems, such as clogged, leaky, or foul-smelling drainages, lowering long-term maintenance costs and maintaining renters’ satisfaction with the way their rental property works. Additionally, by spending less time scheduling costly repairs, you may maximize both your time and financial resources by having fewer tenant complaints. In addition to providing you with additional security, a pre-tenancy sewer CCTV survey enables you to confidently lease out premises by proving whether or not a tenant has caused any damage.

      3. When Constructing a Property

        Prior to beginning construction, a property’s pipe infrastructure must be surveyed. Indeed, if the construction is going to be on or close to any of the water authority’s pipelines, they require a CCTV drainage survey. In order to prevent planning problems and needless delays in your building project, make sure you comply with the requirements set forth by your local water authority. In addition to being a governmental need, a drainage CCTV survey is necessary to protect existing drainage systems and preserve the integrity of the drainage infrastructure.

        4. When You Notice an Unpleasant Smell

          Do your drainages have an odd smell coming from them? Grease, hair, soap scum, and sanitary products can frequently clog your kitchen or bathroom sink, as well as the toilet, bath, and shower.

          When this occurs, waste products are not properly disposed of, and unpleasant odors return to your home through your system.

          Scheduling a CCTV drainage inspection will reveal all that is happening within your plumbing system. In this manner, the problem can be promptly resolved, and unpleasant odors won’t have to be tolerated for too long.

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