Why Raleigh Is an Ideal Place for College Students?

If you are like me a native of North Carolina, or if you are an out-of-state student looking for somewhere new to call home, then here are 6 reasons that Raleigh makes a great college town.

You Will Have Wonderful Neighbors

Although not exclusively a university city, Raleigh is far from a retirement home. The city is home to many universities and colleges. This allows for an exciting college experience. There are many things to do, whether you want to explore the museums or take in a performance at one of the performing arts venues.

Our Legendary Sports Teams

Raleigh’s diverse population is brought together by a bit of not-so-friendly competition. Raleigh is home to a variety of sports, including professional soccer. Here, sports are taken very seriously! If you’re anything like me, you may be in a packed bleacher cheering on the Meredith Avenging Angels. Or celebrating a basketball win around a bonfire at Hillsborough St.

The Night Is Illuminated

Raleigh is the perfect place for you. Its buzzing energy after dark will keep you entertained. You can dance to live music in any of the 80+ world-class venues or explore downtown Raleigh’s five entertainment districts.

There’s So Much Food

One of the greatest pleasures in a scholar’s life. Raleigh is a cultural center of the South and was named #12  for Most Exciting Food Cities. It offers a variety of choices to satisfy both the cultured foodies who crave authentic sushi, and the people who are happy that the drive-thru remains open until 1 am. In 2017, Raleigh was named as one of the 12 best global destinations.

You Can Live Your Best Life – Outdoors

Want to live an active outdoor lifestyle? You can pretend to be active outdoors for your Instagram fans. Raleigh is the perfect place for it, with its beautiful parks, lakes, and hiking trails. You can take pictures of yourself doing a wide range of outdoor activities in the city and on college campuses.

You Can Get a Great Internship That Will Lead to a Fantastic Job!

The future is here! The future may seem a decade off, but you might be wearing a cap and gown with beaded letters in a few years, inviting employers to contact you. Raleigh has many start-ups and high-tech businesses because of its proximity to universities and rapid growth. During your undergrad years, you might find yourself doing an internship with a nonprofit or even a large corporation. Raleigh students are guaranteed to have solid work experience before they enter the workforce.

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