When the summer kicks in, it might not be enjoyable with all the heat. But an air conditioning unit comes to your rescue. It cools your house during the hot summers leaving you feeling cool. However, you may end up experiencing the summer heat if your air conditioning unit is not working. Luckily, you can do some things to keep your AC in good working condition.

Regular servicing

First and foremost, you must have your AC regularly serviced by a professional AC expert such as the Air makers, especially when the warmer weather is about to kick in. That helps spot potential problems before they occur and keep your AC unit running efficiently. Regular AC servicing is cost-effective because it saves you more repair costs in the long run.

The technician inspects the unit as a whole, including checking the voltage, ducts, belts, vents, refrigerant, drainage lines, and other parts. They also lubricate any ports to ensure proper operation. The general inspection involves everything you can think of, including observing the AC function to spot problems and recommend the necessary AC repair Toronto.

Change the air filter regularly.

One of the simplest practices to ensure your AC runs efficiently is to change the air filter regularly. You should change it once every month. That significantly reduces the burden on your air conditioning unit. What happens is that a clogged filter causes the unit to work extra hard to cool your house and could eventually lead to the complete damage of the conditioner. Changing the air filter makes it easy for the unit to work, reduces energy costs, and extends its lifespan.

Keep the coils clean.

You must keep the AC coils and fins on the outside of the AC unit clean and clear of any obstructions. At times it is easy to ignore lawn maintenance which may cause leaves and dirt to accumulate around the unit. As such, the unit has to work harder to cool your house than it usually would. Therefore a little housekeeping and gardening go a long way in maintaining the unit. You can also clean it using your regular garden hose. If you have planted shrubbery around the unit, keep it trimmed and leave adequate space around the unit for it to breathe without obstruction.

Constantly adjust your thermostat.

It is good to adjust your thermostat continually. For instance, if you will be away for a longer period, adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature. That reduces the amount of time your air conditioner has to work while you are away and extends its lifespan. Digital thermostats allow you to preprogram your thermostat based on your schedule, which means that your house will be cool when you come back.

Check the ductwork

Always perform a visual inspection of your ductwork to ensure all the spaces are sealed well. If the ductwork is not well sealed, cool air escapes even before cooling your home. You should also ensure your windows and doors are sealed to keep your home cool.

In conclusion

Always schedule an annual tune-up of your AC with a professional AC technician.

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