6 Quality Masonry and Cement Products Good For Your Construction

Masonry and cement products are the glue that holds modern society together. Every day it is used in constructions, the building of homes, or places of worship. It has many uses like building, construction, maintenance. Building and construction are broad, and it involves a plethora of things: rocks, bricks, ceiling, chemicals, and so much more. Masonry and cement products rank at the top of the list, mainly used for construction activities.

Portland Cement

Portland cement is the most common type of cement in general usage worldwide, used as a primary ingredient of concrete, mortar, stucco, and most non-specialty grout. It was developed from other types of hydraulic lime in England in the mid 19th century when construction experts looked for better building materials for large public buildings. It has since become the dominant type of cement in most countries around the world. When it comes to quality and genuine masonry and cement products, you can always count on Bernardi Building Supplies for the highest-quality products.

Portland cement makes concrete by binding smaller, hardened building materials with water to form a robust and quick-setting mixture suitable for;

RoadsSwimming pools
FloorsModern buildings
BridgesBuilding foundations

Portland cement has been the standard construction material for many of the most impressive structures in modern history.

Foundation Coating

Foundation Coating is an integral part of any basement waterproofing system. A foundation coating seals deep into the ground to block moisture infiltration due to capillary action, which moves water through concrete using surface tension instead of molecular movement.

Once you apply the coating to your foundation walls, it directs moisture from spills in the basement to the floor instead of seeping into the cement. It is essential to protect your foundation to preserve the strength of the structure. The waterproofing acts as an additional barrier to water infiltration in your basement by creating a layer between the ground and the basement wall.

Anchor Bolts

Masonry Anchor Bolts help construct masonry walls to secure structural steel, wood, or concrete beam members. The anchor bolt assembly must comply with relevant codes of practice for installing structural steel, wood, or concrete floors.

Anchor bolts are heavy-duty threaded rods. They are made of high-grade steel (4140 for more excellent corrosion resistance) and galvanized to protect against rust and facilitate easier installation with a nut and bolt. They are sold either as complete anchor assemblies or as bare rods used in current or retrofit anchoring systems. Anchor bolts connect to anchors via nuts and, when necessary, retrofit applications, clips, and grommets.

Construction Grout

Construction Grout is tightly-compacting grout designed to install ceramic tile on floors and walls permanently. This high-early cement grout has a limited expansion, quick set time, and very high bond strengths with tile. It provides consistent, scratch-resistant results on subfloors, subfloor tiles, subgrade, concrete, or stone walls or floors.

Construction grout suitable for deep cracks, expansion joints, or between walls and matches or accentuate any masonry surface, including porcelain tile surfaces, brick, cobblestone, stone, and precast pavers.


Firebricks are relatively small concrete masonry units made of various refractory materials helpful in building fireplaces, furnace linings, oven linings, and restaurant ranges. They are also available in prefabricated forms for countertops, patio slabs, chimney linings, and lintels.

Firebricks are one of the essential items when buying masonry products for your fireplace. The firebricks can withstand extremely high temperatures, help keep heat inside your fireplace, and add a beautiful touch to any brick, stone, or stucco fireplace. These firebricks will protect your fireplace from excess heat and serve as a base of support for the rest of the items going into your fireplace.

Pipe Expansion Joints

Expansion joints provide a flexible connection between sections of concrete, masonry, or ceramic floor tile. Expansion joints allow for movement that can occur due to changes in humidity or temperature. They also help preserve the finish of adjacent flooring materials and prevent cracking caused by unequal shifts of the surfaces in a structure.

The right expansion joint is essential for brick-facing applications. Expansion joints are more of an insulator of heat energy, which helps temperature swings of sub-freezing. Masonry walls are not immune to the effects of temperature swings, which cause the mortar to expand and contract more than the brick itself. Expansion joints not only allow for these movements but also help guard against the cracking of masonry surfaces.


Masonry products are helpful in house building which has contributed to the development of our society. Masonry construction makes construction easier, reduces cost, and increases the lifespan of building materials. However, it’s essential to consult with the construction industry experts such as Bernardi Building Supplies for quality products that meet your needs.

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