A Few Tips on Kitchen Wall Decor

Most people decorate their room’s wall beautifully, but they forget about the kitchen wall. We think that there is no need for kitchen wall decor. But this is not the right thought. Kitchen cabinets and the latest appliances are not enough to design a kitchen. You should consider decorating the kitchen wall as well to complete the beauty of your kitchen. 

The blank wall will not look good in the stylish kitchen. You can utilize those empty walls to create a captivating display. That will give an amazing look to your kitchen and you will get a wow factor in the return for that kitchen decor. 

We have gathered some amazing kitchen wall decor ideas for you. They will surely help you to create the finishing touches to your kitchen space

Few Tips On Kitchen Wall Decor

Beautiful Tiles for Kitchen Wall


Tiles are the best way to decorate the kitchen wall without so many expenses. Don’t think that the tile only works for flooring and backsplash in the kitchen. They will also look good on the kitchen wall if you choose some different designs to cover your kitchen wall.

You can choose a graphic pattern or a tile mural for a vibrant display. They will work as art pieces in terms of kitchen wall decor. Or you can go for a custom-made tile design according to your choice and requirements. 

Can Create an Artistic Display on the Kitchen Wall

To decorate your kitchen wall, you can fix some open shelves on the empty wall. You can utilize that by displaying beautiful objects or any art pieces. There you can also store your expensive crockery to show off in front of your guests. 

Try to add on those shelves such as some green plants, cookbooks, kitchen supplies, stylish objects, different types of cutleries for a stylish arrangement. 

Utilize Your Art Collection for Kitchen Wall Decor

There is no rule that you can display your art collection only in the living room. The whole house is your space and you can showcase them anywhere in the house. 

So, hang your favorite art pieces on the kitchen wall and enjoy their beauty while making dinner. But make sure that those pieces should be protected with glass in case of spatters. Because oil spatters can damage your art pieces, so be aware. 

Can Display Your Collection of Plates and Platters

No need to keep your stylish and favourite China languish in the cupboard. Display them with the help of plate hangers on the empty kitchen wall. 

By doing this, you will get some more extra storage space and you will enjoy the beauty of those pieces’ year-round. They will work beautifully for kitchen wall decor. 

Add Some Greenery Into Your Kitchen 


For kitchen wall decor, add some life to your kitchen space by adding green plants. You can use hanging plants or wall-mounted planters to cover an empty wall of your kitchen.

In those plants, you can grow herbs and spices, which will add some more flavors to your food. Or you can add any other small plants too. By adding greenery in your kitchen, you will bring the outdoors in and they will compliment your space. 

Try Some Bold Paint Color to Add Beauty

Just don’t keep the kitchen wall in boring white color. Do some transformation in that by adding some bold paint color. Add an accent wall in your kitchen with a simple coat of paint on one wall. 

It can transform the kitchen look. In search of kitchen wall decor ideas, pick any bold color to add some impact to the kitchen. It could be blue, red, yellow, or any color which you like and goes with the interior. 

You can choose a contrasting color too. 

Weekly Menu Recipe Cardboard

To cover an empty wall of your kitchen, you can hang their weekly menu cardboard. It will help you in setting the weekly eating schedule in advance. 

You can ask your kids and other family members to write down their preferences on that board. It will help you in thinking about the menu on daily basis. 

And it will also bring out the importance of meal preparation and excites the other members as they can participate in their favorite dishes. 

Wood Pallet Wine Rack

You can DIY these wood pallets to hang on the wall of the kitchen. And it will help you to arrange your wine bottles as well. The rough wood can be used for this. 

You can get ideas from YouTube about making a wood pallet wine rack. It will look good on the kitchen wall and you can show off your wine collection in front of your guest too. 

Pot Hanging Wooden Board Rack

Using the wooden boards is a nice idea to hang your cooking pots on them. Fix these wooden boards on the wall of your kitchen. Take the help of small nails to hold the pots and strategic nail arrangements can provide some unique patterning design too. 

You can paint these wooden planks in a different color to brighten up your kitchen wall. 

Apron Hooks and Kitchen Organizer Shelf on the Wall

Utilize the wall of your kitchen by fixing apron holders and some shelving units on that. To reduce the cluttering from the kitchen slab, you can use this extra shelve to keep your extra things on that. 

And you can fix some hooks under the shelf for holding your aprons. Or you can use this shelve for holding a spoon stand, spice shaker, napkin holder, and whatever you want. 

Fun Farm and Garden Kitchen Signs

You can find these kinds of photos collection on any site to buy and decorate your kitchen wall with them. This kind of collection is a nice idea for kitchen wall decor. 

Or you can download some kitchen-related quotes from Google and can get a printout of them. Frame these printouts and spread them throughout the wall. 

You can apply any idea to your kitchen wall decor. Add your personal touch into them to feel more satisfied. 

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