Some Smart Bedroom Storage

Nobody wants that their bedroom looks cluttered. For that, we all try to find some smart bedroom storage ideas to free up floor space. To keep your bedroom clean and clear you have to keep everything in its designated spot. 

To enhance the designated spots, you have to create smart bedroom storage in your space. No worries if you have a small space to live in, we are going to suggest easy DIYs. These bedroom storage ideas will help you to find the best way to organize your belongings. Such as your clothes, shoes, linens, children’s toys, and other necessities. You can opt for Small Bedroom Cupboard Designs that will help you store things smartly in your room.

Here we are going to share some smart bedroom storage ideas for rooms of all shapes and sizes. It might help you have a look:

Can install a few shelves on the bedroom wall

Installation of shelves on the bedroom’s wall can be a nice idea for bedroom storage. The wall is the most unused space in your bedroom, utilize it. You have an open wall around 10-12 feet below your ceiling. 

Can utilize that space by installing some shelves there. You can install them along the perimeter of your bedroom walls. There you can keep books, toys, showpieces, storage boxes, and many more things. 

These kinds of shelves can add so much space for storage in your bedroom.

Hang or can keep clothes standing in the corner

Mostly we got only one closet in the bedroom. And it would not enough for anybody. So, to solve this problem, you can hang a clothes stand or some extra hangers to hang your clothes on it. 

It will provide you with some extra space and can solve the problem of a single closet. If you don’t want to hang your expensive clothes on this, you can use it for your daily clothes, nightwear, or towels. 

It will provide you with smart bedroom storage for sure. 

Buy a bed frame with boxes or drawers

Storage beds are really a savior for small spaces. Or I can say that they are the best for bedroom storage. This kind of bed provides you with a lot of extra space to keep your things in that. 

You can keep there your clothes, files, linens, blankets, and many other things. It’s totally up to you. Storage beds can give you as many drawers as your dresser. So, you can go for it. 

Can hang laundry bags on the back of your bedroom door

If you keep your laundry basket on the floor and it occupies your floor space then remove it from there. You can hang your laundry bag on the back of the bedroom door or closet door. 

Enjoy all the floor space which you just saved. 

Install a fold-down desk in the bedroom

Everybody needs a desk for doing their work, but sometimes they don’t have space for a desk. To solve this problem, you can go for a fold-down desk. It will disappear when you fold it back against the wall after finishing your work.

These kinds of desks come in all sizes, shapes, and many styles. It will also provide you with extra bedroom storage for your office work. They are a nice storage solution for your bedroom. 

Hang pegs on the back of the closet door for storing shoes

A shoe organizer is very indeed to declutter the home. For that, you can build a pegboard shoe rack and fix it on the back of your closet door. Or you can fix it to the wall right above the floor and can hang your shoes on these pegs.

Because shoes create a mess on the floor, keep them on these pegs to keep clean the floor space of your bedroom.

DIY a pegboard organizer and mount it on the wall of your bedroom

Pegboards can be a beautiful bedroom storage idea to organize your things on it. You can make it with it help of YouTube videos. With the help of screws, you can hang it anywhere to store anything.

You can hang on it your purse, scarves, belts, keys, painting, or whatever you want.

Can fix hooks on the back of your closet wall

Behind your clothes rod stands, you have an empty wall in your closet, use that space. You can fix a few hooks on that wall to hang some extra stuff of yours. It can be your extra purse, ties, belts, locker keys, extra car keys, etc.

But avoid those things that you need to access every day, because it’s usually covered with clothes, and you couldn’t be able to find those things in a hurry.

Otherwise, anything which can be hung can go there. So, install some hooks and enjoy extra bedroom storage.

Install a shelf on the above bedroom door

This space nobody uses, but you can use it. You can utilize the space above your bedroom door. This space will provide you with some extra storage. There you can keep your extra quilts or blankets, sweaters, coats, files, towels, or anything.

Just install a storage shelf right above the bedroom door and use it for storing anything.

Can use bookshelves as a headboard

The headboard can add extra beauty to your bedroom along with storage. You can fix wood pallets, artwork, or bookshelves on the behind wall of your bed.

This idea will give you extra storage and a nice headboard. You can keep their books or magazines, any art piece, a lamp, and many more things.

This idea will kill two birds with one stone. Means offers you so much out-of-sight storage too, behind and below your mattress.

Add risers to your bed

Another extra storage idea is putting your bed on the bed risers. This trick will provide you with some extra space under your bed to keep things and also will give your bed a little boost.

Under your bed’s space, you can keep storage boxes, shoes, and your game equipment like skates, bats, rackets, etc.

These bed risers will work amazingly to provide you with extra space in your bedroom.

These were some ideas for smart bedroom storage. I hope you will like it!!

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