Electrical work, whether repair or maintenance, requires expertise and skills for safe and excellent execution. You know how dangerous electricity can be when not fixed well or handled by a professional. While some electrical needs such as changing a bulb are easy, other complicated electrical jobs such as rectifying faulty circuits, wiring, and setting up electrical systems are not something you should take lightly. That is why you must do your due diligence to ensure you hire a qualified and experienced electrician to avoid any future problems or accidents.

Here is a collection of the common mistakes many people make when hiring electricians to help you avoid them.

Not doing enough background search.

To get a qualified and experienced electrician, you have to do your part in finding them. Conducting a background search before hiring is very beneficial if you want the best Auckland electricians. You have many platforms to base your research thanks to the internet. Look for professionalism, reputation, and experience to get a competent electrician who will do an excellent job for you. Never ignore any red flags when hiring an electrician, including any negative comments about them.

Hiring unqualified electricians

Just because someone can change a light bulb or fix some electricals here and there doesn’t mean they are a qualified electrician. Many homeowners make the serious mistake of not asking for certification or license when hiring an electrician. You need to avoid this grave mistake at all costs if you don’t want faulty electrical work. Often you will call an electrician who is willing to work at a lower price regardless of their qualifications. That could cost you much more in the long run. Please do not shy away from asking about the qualifications or licensing of an electrician before hiring them.

Not enquiring about insurance.

Whether hiring a residential or commercial electrician, insurance is essential because it protects you from any liabilities if an accident occurs during work. It is common to see homeowners and even commercial building owners working with electricians without even asking about the company’s liability insurance. Note that if any unforeseen accident happens during the electrical work, you will be left shouldering the expenses if the electrician doesn’t have liability insurance. So it is best to hire one who is insured to be on the safe side.

Not getting a price quote beforehand.

Electrical costs can go up quickly, especially if you are not familiar with electrical works. The most common mistake people make when hiring an electrician is not asking for a price quote beforehand. It can be frustrating to pay for costs that the electrician did not inform you of earlier. It is good to have a written price quote and the work to be performed rather than being left to figure out all the hidden costs of the work.

The bottom line

Professionalism and experience should be a priority when looking for an electrician. Hiring a competent electrician gives you peace of mind knowing that they will do an excellent job. Always get a quote beforehand and check reviews to ensure the electrician is reliable and trustworthy.

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