What to consider when choosing quartz countertop installation

Quartz has a name when it comes to ease of cleaning, durability, and being non-porous. This you can be sure that no dirt will accumulate on the countertops. As if that’s not enough, the cost of mail maintenance is low, and you’ve more than 80 colors and designs you can choose from when you choose quartz countertops.

But to get your preferred quartz countertop design type, you have to consider a few things.

The available quartz designs and finishes are available.

Availability of a variety of countertop designs and colors is one thing that makes quartz an appropriate choice. You can choose any finish you wish. The most popular is the dazzling and reflective coating. However, you can also select your preferred finish, like matte and the concrete type, chosen by most homeowners. That way, it becomes easy to sync the kind of finish with the existing hardware. 

Find out if you’ll benefit from the warranty.

When purchasing quartz for countertops, you’re presented with several options, and it’s good you know the warranty conditions. Some don’t cover installation, and therefore you’ve to chuck out some bucks to cover the cost. Verify the details of the cover to ensure it’s up to date. If you’re installing the slabs in a commercial property, you’ve to be careful with the warranty details and clarify the fine print before you commit yourself.

Does the countertop fit your budget?

If you’re purchasing countertops for your home, you need the best quality that will serve you for years without fading. Do not compromise the countertops you choose just because you want to go for the less expensive ones. Consider paying more for some quality type that will last, and you avoid the cost of replacing it every other time. But of course, avoid purchasing those expensive types that will throw you off balance financially. There are less costly Quality ones.

Remember, countertop installations can be expensive, especially when you’re doing it on a commercial building. Thus every single saving you make will go a long way to cushion you on some other cost.

Consider the source of quartz.

Just like in purchasing every other material, you must get in touch with the supplier when buying quartz countertops. Where does the supplier source for their materials? You need to know the ratios of quartz to resin because they affect the quality. Some crooked manufacturers have the resin in high percentages compared to quartz, affecting the overall product. That’s why you need to deal with a trusted supplier.

Who will install the quartz countertop?

Not every countertop installation contractor is fit for your job. You have to search online to get a list of them, and you can conduct interviews to select the best. Look for a countertop installation expert who has excellent experience and can deliver quality work in a record time.

Quartz is known for producing some of the most exquisite countertops, but that doesn’t mean there are no “fakes.” You, therefore, have to pay attention to the quality you get. Get a professional to guide you in purchasing and let them do the installation. That way, you have peace of mind with the assurance that you have the job done perfectly well. 

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