Best 4 Tips to Installing a Heated Driveway

 Winter can be one of the stressful seasons for any homeowner. Do you spend a lot of time shoveling snowfall from your driveway in winter? Well, a heated driveway may resolve your woes. It’s a convenient and valuable addition to any home. That’s not all; it’s cost-effective and will raise the value of your property. 

Still, it will prevent snow and ice from accumulating on your driveway, which saves a lot of back-breaking labor. Are you considering installing a heated driveway? Check out tips to guide you;

1. Engage experts

You can install these systems in any surface material. Whether you have asphalt, pavers, or concrete driveway, you can achieve even radiation for more efficient results. However, professionals from theĀ Heavenly HeatĀ Company will tell you that materials like asphalt require extra attention. And this is due to the heat associated with fresh asphalt.

 It’s then advisable to engage a professional during installation. They have adequate tools and equipment and know the best time to install the driveway. Also, some mistakes can be costly, and engaging experts will save a lot of time and costs during the installation process.

2. Understand the pros&cons

Is it worth investing in a heated driveway system? What are its benefits? Understanding the pros and cons helps in making an informed decision. For instance, the benefits include saving on hours of shoveling, making the driveway safe by minimizing slips and falls. You also save on shoveling services which can be costly.  

Moreover, the use of ice-melting products and chemicals can deteriorate the driveway surface, kill plants and ruin the undercarriage for vehicles. On the other hand, the cons include increased utility bills and repair costs in case of malfunctions.

3. What are the associated costs?

The cost of installing a heated driveway depends on several aspects. These may include the amount of labor required, the contractor, the chosen heating system, and the type of pavement chosen. Renting the equipment and handling some of the work can save you some bucks. Nevertheless, the installation costs may range from $10-$25 per square foot, and proper budgeting will ensure a successful project.

4. Check for damages & know how to troubleshoot

Most damages to the heating system occur during installation. During the process, a rake, shovel, or other sharp tools may damage the heating cables. This may lead to failure in your system, but it may take longer to experience problems. To resolve the issue, have the technicians test all cabling to ensure optimal functioning. 

Also, understand how to troubleshoot in case of issues come up later on. Troubleshooting a damaged heating system is easy. You don’t have to tear the entire driveway, but only a small portion. You only need special tools to identify the problem area, and the professional electric driveway installer will guide you on this.

Wrapping up

 A heated driveway comes with many benefits and is worth considering. However, it’s advisable to hire professional installation services. This comes at a cost, though! Get quotes from different companies, and compare their level of expertise and cost. Besides, it won’t hurt to save some dollars in the process.

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