Do Covers Stop Leaves Clogging the Gutters?

Most of us would love to leave our gutters to do their jobs without ever having to bother with them. This is particularly true for those who live in two-story properties or townhouses. After all, getting to the gutters to check and clean them can be a massive pain, and especially not ideal for anyone with a fear of heights. So, imagine if there was a solution that would prevent dirt and debris from getting into your gutters. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there is – and it’s called rain gutter coverings.

What are Rain Gutter Covers?

The good people at Global Gutter Systems explain that gutter coverings are usually installed on top of a gutter system to prevent large items from clogging up the gutter. Moreover, there are different types of gutter covers available.

Some gutter covers are mesh-like grates or grids that are fitted to the top of the gutters. Grid guards are rigid structures with small holes that allow water to enter the gutters but keep out things like leaves, twigs, and trash. They also prevent pests from nesting in the gutters. Mesh guards are more flexible and can be attached to the gutter with clips. They can be bent into shape, making them easier to install than grid covers that must be cut to size.

Both grid and mesh grate covers are easy to install, with many homeowners taking on this task themselves. Grid covers do not need to be secured in place as they fit neatly into the gutter, while mesh covers must be clipped in place with a bracket. Because mesh cover brackets can be seen from ground level, many people will opt for the grid system.

Some people do not use any type of guard for their gutters and instead use a gutter brush. This system involves a wire core with bristles that sits inside the gutter. It is flexible and can be molded to the shape of the gutters. It is designed to stop debris from entering the gutterwhile still allowing water to flow freely. Debris like leaves and twigs will simply fall on top of the brush and sit there instead of in the gutter.

One thing to mention about all types of gutter coverings is that they do not prevent all debris from entering the gutters. For example, seeds can still be dropped into the gutters in bird poop. These seeds often begin to sprout in the gutters and grow up through the coverings. So, while gutter coverings do prevent leaves from entering gutters for the most part, they should not be seen as a maintenance-free solution for your gutters. You will still need to check and clean them regularly.

Should You Install Gutter Coverings?

If leaves in your gutter are a big issue, then rain gutter coverings could be the ideal solution. Although they are not going to completely eliminate the need for cleaning and maintenance, they can help to cut down the time spent cleaning out your gutters. They will stop blockages for the most part and allow water to flow freely through the gutter system, lessening the risk of leaks and damage to the gutters or your home.

Gutter covers can be expensive, depending on the system you choose. However, many people believe they are well worth the money, especially when professionally installed.

Whether to install gutter guards or not is a matter of personal preference. If leaves are a problem in your area, then you might find that they are the answer to your prayers in terms of an optimal gutter system.

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