How To Take Care Of Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera plant is very useful and it also has medicinal properties. And this succulent is easy to grow in the garden or indoors. To take care of aloe vera, you do not need to pay too much attention to it. This is an easy and attractive succulent, also low maintenance. 

Mainly aloe vera belongs to tropical regions, but now they are a common household plant as well. You can take care of aloe vera with some basic knowledge about it. With just a little effort, your aloe vera can survive for years. 

Here I am going to share some basic tips to take care of aloe vera. May it will help you. 

Place it in a sunny area

To take care of aloe vera, you should keep it in a sunny area. That could be your sunny window, balcony, or any other sunny place in your house. All sunny spaces are perfect for its growth. 

You can also keep in indirect sunlight areas, but full shade will not thrive it. As its required minimum 6–8-hour sunlight per day. So, make sure there is proper sunlight where you keep this. 

Water deeply, but occasionally

As I said before that aloe vera is a low-maintenance plant, so it doesn’t need much water. Water it only when you notice that soil is dry at least 2 inches below the surface. 

Overwatering can lead to roots in rot and fungus. So, to save it, pour water occasionally but when you give, allow that water to come out through the drainage holes. 

Fertilize it during the growing season

Aloe vera doesn’t require any fertilizers. From April to September, it will grow superbly. So, you can use fertilizers at this time for the good growth of aloe vera. But only provide fertilizer twice a month during these months.


Dilute fertilizer in the water, take one part fertilizer into 5 parts glasses of water. Mix it and deliver it on the day when you pour water. Don’t use fertilizer during the winter season. 

Watch for insects

To take care of aloe vera, you have to protect it from insects too. But you have to not worry too much about that because there are a few pests that are common in it. Such as mealy bugs, these bugs are mainly flat and found in brown or tan color. 

These bugs like to suck on the sap from aloe vera. To prevent it from these bugs, use a natural and non-toxic pesticide. 

Repot it in a bigger pot

When you buy it, they often come in a small plastic pot. To take care of aloe vera, repot it or transfer it in a bigger pot where it will get more room for its root’s growth. If it’s already in a large pot then you don’t need to change that. 

For good growth, choose a pot that is three times bigger than the aloe vera’s root ball. 


Aloe vera loves to spread if they get a suitable climate and to take care of aloe vera, just learn the basics. 

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