What to Expect in Your First Moving Truck

Undoubtedly, the safety of your things can be among the greatest concerns when moving. This means you will do all you can to ascertain maximum protection for your belongings. And this means ensuring proper loading and packing.

Proper packing with the help of a good mover, like Arrow Moving & Storage Co, may create protective layers around your things, while proper loading can prevent the risks of your things crashing against one another. Both of these are important for a successful and safe move.

How trucks are loaded might ultimately determine how many things can fit in and how safe they will be throughout the moving process. So you might want to know what to expect, especially in your first moving truck, through the following key points:

1. The Size of the Truck Required

Consider starting your move on the right foot by choosing a perfect-size truck rental. Although it is tempting to save cash and even opt for a smaller truck, you need to keep in mind that this might end up costing you more cash and time in the long run.

If a truck rental is small, you will need to exchange it for a bigger size or find yourself trying a few tricks back and forth. Either way, this is sure to be a major headache and time-suck.

2. Loading Lighter Items Last

If you are done packing heavy items on the truck, start loading small and medium-sized things. This may include any smaller furniture items and moving boxes.

TVs, mirrors, and pictures should be protected properly before they are loaded onto trucks. Other things to keep in mind when loading lighter items include:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Valuables and jewelry
  • Mattress bags

3. Taking the Final Checks

Taking the last walk through your home and carrying out the final checks on the upper shelf, cabinet, closet, and room is important.

Ensure you don’t leave boxes or anything in one of the closes rooms where your mover can’t find them. This can as well be a good time to take a look at every bathroom to ensure there is nothing left there.

4. Moving Heaviest and Largest Items First

Appliances, as well as other items, which require more than two individuals to move, must be loaded on your truck before anything. They should as well be placed against the far walls.

Use the furniture padding in order to protect wood corners and surfaces. You can rent furniture padding from a truck rental agent.

5. Filling in the Gaps

Perhaps you have some items in your house, which are not shaped for stacking. Such items can fill in the gaps that are left by furniture and boxes.

Although most of your heavy belongings might already be packed, a few household things still remain. In that case, you may tuck them around your pieces of furniture.

Final Take!

A perfect way to pack your moving truck is to consider leading it well. Packing it is among the most imperative steps when organizing secure storage. And if possible, consider enlisting the services of professional movers and packers to give you a hand.

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