What Will Be The Standard Bedroom Size? (Updated)

A bedroom is the most important room where we spend most of our time. Thus, we need to know the standard bedroom size. The basic requirement of the bedroom is to accommodate the standard size of furniture and there must be a space for movement too. If you are going to buy a new home or going to remodel your old one, then you should consider the size of a standard bedroom. 

The bedroom is the most important space in every home. And it should be located in a way that they must be ventilated and provide privacy as well. According to a journal published in the New York Post, we spend nearly half of our life in our bedrooms.

To know more about the standard bedroom size, here we will provide you with full guidance about it. Have a look at the further article. 


What Should Be The Standard Bedroom Size?

The standard bedroom size is based on many things. Such as the kind of furniture, foot traffic, and comfortable clearance for movements. Almost, we keep in the bedroom a bed, wardrobe, desk or dressing table, and side table.  

So, there must be a space for all these things in a bedroom. There are 2 basic types of bedrooms, one is a standard bedroom, and the other is the master bedroom. 

There is a huge difference between a master bedroom and a standard bedroom. A master bedroom is the most spacious bedroom in a house where generally the owner of the house lives. A standard bedroom is designed for kids, and other members of the house and even act as a guest room.

Average Master Bedroom Size:

The average master bedroom size is 14 feet by 16 feet (224 Square Feet). This is the minimum size. Some even prefer a little larger than this size.


Standard Bedroom Size:

Now let’s discuss the main topic what should be the standard bedroom size? It can be of various sizes:

  • 10 feet by 10 feet which are 100 Square Feet.
  • 10 feet by 11 feet which are 110 Square Feet.
  • 11 feet by 12 feet which is 132 Square Feet.
  • 12 feet by 12 feet which is 144 Square Feet.
  • 10 feet by 12 feet which are 120 Square Feet.

Other Details About A Standard Bedroom:

A standard bedroom is usually designed for children or teens and this bedroom has basic amenities. There must have one window at least and a basic closet. For these basic things, the average standard bedroom size is 10 feet by 12 feet or 120 square feet in total area. 

But you can find bedrooms that are as large as 12 feet by 12 feet or as small as 10 by 10 feet too. I can say that there are no universally accepted standards for a bedroom. It all depends on the designers and architects. 

While we depend on the architects and personal preferences, there are some factors too to determine the minimum size for any bedroom. There must be a space to fit at least a queen-size bed and the standard size for that is 10 feet by 10 feet. On the other hand, if you have king size bed then the standard size is up to 10 feet by 12 feet


The bedroom should not only have a bed but there should also have a good space of clearance around the bed. Everyone wants to keep their dresser, nightstand, and wardrobe as well. So, we need to keep all these things into our consideration while designing a bedroom. 

Suppose, if you have a twin-size bed then your bedroom should be 7 feet by 10 feet to keep that. So, this is not the minimum size of a bedroom but is supposed to be a standard size of a bedroom also. 

And if you have 2 twin-sized beds then the minimum size of the bedroom should be 10 by 10 feet. The size of the bedroom for two twin beds must be bigger. 


So, the specific dimensions for a proper bedroom size all depend on those things which you want to keep in that. It is important to know the sizes and shapes of the things that you want in the bedroom. Read more interesting topics like smart bedroom storage ideas from my blog.

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